Personalized Learning

Personalized learning that suits your learning pace, individual needs and interests! The personalized learning format allows you to study one subject at a time and work at your own speed. We operate on a year-round schedule. You can enroll at any time. No need to wait for a new school term. We also offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. NO cost to the student!

Personalized Learning – What’s in it for the Student?

  • Gives the student individual access to a highly qualified credentialed faculty.
  • Provides point of reentry for the student who has left or chooses to leave the traditional school system.
  • Focuses on the individual educational needs of students who, because of personal, family, or financial situations, find themselves excluded from the opportunities of traditional schools.
  • Provides for individualized diagnostic academic assessment and course selection for each student.
  • Recognizes that not all students learn at the same pace and offers the option to study only one course at a time.
  • Continues the education of the student who is 18 years of age or older and who has not completed graduation requirements.